Tuesday, July 21, 2009

live blogging ndtv's coverage of the solar eclipse.

pallava bagla, not known for being the most enthusiastic guest has been invited by ndtv to cover the solar eclipse along with vishnu som the host, who is comically excited.

host: this is a once in a lifetime experience. can you explain to us what is happening to the sun.

bagla: see it's not a big deal. it is just that the moon is coming between the earth and the sun. see slowly slowly it is coming.

excited host: guwahati is seeing the eclipse first. we were not expecting this. why is this happening?

bagla: it is very simple. it is because there is cloud cover in other places. if you had a clear sky you would have seen it. see if u ask me i would rather see rainfall than a solar eclipse. we need some rain.

host: what advice would you give people today? what should they do? what should they not do?

bagla: it is just a normal day. do what you always do. i say go for your morning walk. take your dog out for a walk. take your children. just do not look at the sun directly. if you have to look use these special glasses.

shows us his special glasses. explains in detail the dangers of not using such glasses. asks the audience to make sure there are no scratches on the glasses.

host: can you use regular sun glasses?

frustrated bagla: NO you cannot! neither should you look at a reflection of the eclipse in the water. or in coloured water. watch it on tv if you really have to.

excited host: beautiful images we are seeing.....

bagla sighing deeply: what you are seeing right now is not a solar eclipse. it is just a cloud coming in front of the sun and the moon.

unperturbed host: right... NOW you can see...

bagla: NO it is still just the morning sun. it is your camera filters that are giving that hue.

a few moments of awkward silence.

host: the sun looks like the moon right now. ha ha.

bagla rolls his eyes.

host: alright. let's go to tanima right now who is with a group of people gathered to witness the solar eclipse. tanima i haven't the foggiest idea where you are right now. ha ha. can you see anything?

tanima complains about fog cover where she is.

host: is it true there will be an eclipse next year also?

bagla: yes! that is what i have been saying. every 18 months there is a solar eclipse somewhere in the world. this time it is happening in our backyard. that's all.

host: wow! these are new images we are seeing. explain to us bagla what has just happened.

bagla: the sun has been eclipsed by the moon. this is darkness at dawn.

they show us a blank screen for a couple of minutes.

host: wow. look a diamond ring!

bagla: yes. it is not the sharpest image but it is a diamond ring.

host: this is the celestial spectacle of the century!

host: we have some new images from china where it looks like the eclipse is just starting.

bagla: it is in fact just ending.

host: fantastic images. stunning.

bagla: i wish i could have seen it myself, outside the studio. i brought my glasses.

host: ha ha. we wont let you get away so easily.

pic - http://www.toothpastefordinner.com


narendra shenoy said...


frissko said...

:))...Zang you for ispreading the joy...

Harishhh said...

I loved the 'your stupid head eclipse'! brilliant!

. said...

Fucking hilarious. Was the host that bearded, senile turd Prannoy Roy?

Venky said...

holy cow really hilarious convo.

Btw i liked feeding the fish in your Blog, just loved it.

The Bride said...

Haha! Ok I was like the excited host this morning. Take dog for a walk it seems. Oh well, if I had a dog...

Anonymous said...

As it is, even without NDTV's sensationalism, many people I know (and make frequent fun of) went to work late today because being out on the road during the eclipse apparently angers the sun so much that it will send a special posse of highly focussed, evil cosmic rays which will do bad things only to you. There's also some more shit about firstborns being particularly susceptible to the malefic influences of one rock coming in the way of another rock with a light source involved somewhere along the way.

plush said...

haha...ma was actually sulking cos she missed the coverage..well this report from u made her laugh...:)

tgfi said...


btw off topic have you checked these out yet?

a million different people said...

Which is why I slept through it.

I am accidentally just awesome.

flowergirl said...

Ha ha...I didn't realise the coverage was so funny this time around as well...watched CNN for a while, and it all seemed very slick and boring.

I was referred to your post from a comment on my post:



Anonymous said...

Pah. Someone tell this guy that he doesn't have to be "funny" every time he opens his mouth in blogland. Now he's at it in the comment spaces of the blogs I read as well.

Lively said...

LOL! Hilariously put, as always. Am a regular to this place. Linked you on my blog. Hope you dont mind.

Prasoon said...

you just got yourself a new reader :)
loved the post!

Chethana said...

Hahaha. Love this one.

bindaasbharat said...

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Anonymous said...

(late comment I realise)
But reading this reminded me of one of those "expert" talks on a random channel - where the "expert" actually said it is not good to go out during the eclipse, you should not eat food or drink anything either and you should wash your hair after the eclipse.
He was a scientist.
Not Kidding. Unless they were spoofing by proudly declaring him a top scientist.
Wud've so much preferred this!!!

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