Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the only reason for this post was so i could use the words 'bonus material. i'm so cool. i make bonus material and only special folk get to read it.

apparently on amazon you're free to send people crap they didn't order along with crap they did order as long as it's free.

i received this random cd in its own seperate envelope. i was scared to even play it. for one the cover looked haunted.

also the band members looked mental. one guy had a mail box growing out of his head.

i'm tempted to mail it back with a thanks but no thanks note. or even better something random from my cassette collection.

ooh i know. maybe laadla/raja babu. i own that. at least i used to. i dont know why i would have bought it. i cant remember a single song.

except for the one song on the bed that they banned or were trying to have banned for vulgar dancing or something. heh.

bonus material for my blaudience only. twitter peeps i'm not yet as fond of.

did you know you can buy cd's on amazon for a penny? yes one penny. they have travis 'invisible band' for one penny. i am offended on behalf of travis.

shout out to my new anon hater with mpd. why you gotta ruin it with an apology? and if you have to apologize why you gotta copy paste the same exact apology three different times? change it up boy. or girl.

p.s. who's excited to watch 'year one'? i love michael cera. has anyone anywhere seen 'nick and norah's infinite playlist'? i'm still waiting to meet a single person who has seen it so i can discuss it with them.


N said...

I did! Sometime back though.

shub said...

me me! and I was SO kicked I recognised one song from the movie too (after hours) :)

Gradwolf said...

Not seen the movie but Michael Cera is good. I liked his tipsy nerdy performance in Superbad.

Akari said...

I saw it. After I read about it on your blog. I am excited to watch Year One.

Aspi said...

Everyone thats really cool without trying too hard to be has seen Nick & Norah's :)

And yes Michael Cera is adorable. Juno wouldn't have worked without him.

SpaceMonkey said...

Yep. I liked the background score the best. And the friends were good too ... the gay bandmembers and miss-puke-all-over-the-place.

Reine said...

I saw Nick and Norah!
"dude, seriously this is not a cab" rotfl!
Louvd it and the fact that Michael Cera's been playing the same odd ball in every movie since Superbad. Very a la woody big fan.

Karan said...

Ladki hai kya, re baa aa baa, iski ada, re baa aa baa... you don't remember that porki song?

Anonymous said...

i'm about two years too late.. but LOVED Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. best soundtrack ever.