Monday, April 27, 2009

someone sign him please. also someone shave him please.

alright i think it's time we talked about it. sniff. he's gone! sniff. and it's really hard but you will be happy to know that i'm recovering. slowly. thank you all for your concern and sweet comments and texts. i still can't make myself listen to his last itune recording because that song just reminds me of elimination night which is a night i will never forget. sniff. i took the rest of the week off to recuperate. my recuperation included sleeping till mid afternoon. then i'd wake up and spend the rest of the day scoping out the internet for every single article and interview featuring him. i managed to locate some 1500 or so grainy videos of local fox news stations all over the country that interviewed him and lil rounds. and they were all exactly the same. for one he was wearing the same clothes. no pink. sob. and they were all asking him the same damn questions but anoop was polite and sweet and didnt bitch slap lil rounds even once. not even once. i hate that he has to share even this with lil rounds, who cannot for the life of her construct a decent sentence. all of her sentences consist of at least one of the following: 'you know', 'artist' and 'keeeds'. then she'll toss her weave and shake her head. every now and then anoop gets a word in. and it's beautiful. sigh. he's sweet and articulate and beardy. sniff. its time noopy. we're over the scruff. not over you though. we'll never be over you. this morning he was on regis and kelly and later on ellen but they had him sing at the end of the show and they CUT HIM OFF during the credits. sniff. anoopyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. come back.

p.s. i hope y'all are coping okay with that bacon flu. stay healthy and remember to always maintain one arms distance from all other human beings. this is actually a good rule to follow in general. muah.

p.p.s i had a bag like this in school to carry my lunch and water bottle in. also my napkin, spoon, orange and the occasional 5 star bar wrapped in a note from mum with smiley face. i would misplace the bag all the time but it kept coming back & in ghastlier colours. thanks mum. how awesome is it that i can now purchase an almost identical one for the very reasonable price of 484 pounds. yay for ridiculously ugly bags.


small_town girl said...

we, in india too hopes he would come back..
either in tv
or in someone's life.
wink wink
nudge nudge

Gradwolf said...

hehehehe @ bacon flu!

Roy said...

get over the guy woman!

freespirit said...

i've come back here after a long while and wow....there's major anoopomania goin' on girl! That's all i see all over the screen!!! My sympathies for your broken heart.

BTW, that ugly 484 bag...i know what you mean. I had one of those 'lunch bags' to carry to school as well. Orange, blue and even a hideous green one. And it used to be 10 rupees or something. Anything can be designer now a days!

Anonymous said...

Get over it bitch. Do you know that he is gay? He came on the show to tell the world that its okay to be indian and gay!

RukmaniRam said...

does that mean i can sell my old lunch tokri on ebay and become rich enough to buy this bag?