Friday, March 20, 2009

so like 8 twitter updates equal to 1 blog post?

it's officially spring y'all which means it's 90 degrees in houston already. i can't wait for october.

my cousin just sent us new pictures of her kids. these kids are crazy mixed. they're part sri lankan, part black, part burmese and part finnish. however in the picture they look like two little mexican girls which is strange cause they're both boys. apparently that particular combination of ethnicities leads to gender bender mexican kids. i kid. they're adorable. yay for my family.

in idol news how awesome was our boy anoop this week? i was so excited as soon as i heard him sing the first line of 'always on my mind'. i knew it would be perfect and it was except for the line where he says 'b-l-i-i-i-n-d'. he sounded like a goat but a cute goat, that wears purple and green hoodies

in other news i now tweet. this means that henceforth i will be conveying to you every single crazy thought that appears in my head. [yay for you!] a lot of times i'll think of something but it's not worthy of an entire post and so i end up never saying it and then it gets lost forever. of course this does not include my 'for when i'm a sitcom writer' drafts which im never sharing with you unless you pay me cash money. so my point fellow bloggers is that i insist you join twitter. instead of just letting your blog sit there and die a slow death at least you'll have these occasional mini posts that will maybe inspire you to blog again. or you can just put all your tweets together and voila you have a post.

you know how when you get mad at people you say horrible things in your mind to them like "ugh i hope you die!"? i have recently started to be more specific about how i want these people to die. i want it to be violent and dramatic and a little funny. like "ugh i hope you die in a buffalo stampede". you should totally try this because it's satisfying and will make you giggle a little thereby easing the anger towards said person.

other ways to relieve stress and get super happy without resorting to narcotics is to watch anoop desai cleff hanger videos on you tube. there are tons of them and some are even accompanied by minor stripping. girrrl reeeeeeeeeelax! sigh. i'm beyond lame. i'm not even going to tell you how many times i voted for him this week. let's just say there were many zeros. if there's a virtual anoop dog fan greeting card out there to sign i've signed it. if there's a poll for favourite idol contestant i've voted on it. multiple times. if there's an article containing the words 'anoop' 'noop' or 'noop dog' that was published within the last hour or day or week i've read it. thank you google news. if there's a personal anoopy childhood story from a distant family member i've read and reread it and by god if there's a new photo album i've stalked it. i constantly use words like 'noopaholic', 'nooper trooper', 'nooptastic' and my favourite 'i want to anoop you'. like i said. beyond lame.

p.s. dear president obama if you would like to keep your ratings up i would suggest you not do the following: 1. make special olympics jokes on late night tv and 2. schedule presidential addresses on american idol time. i have to wait an extra 24 hours this week to see my anoop and i'm not pleased.


aandthirtyeights said...

Oh, I know exactly what you mean by those thoughts that aren't big enough for a post, but not insignificant enough to be forgotten!

Anonymous said...

heh@twitter updates. Just as I thought it was becoming a drain, I now suddenly have so many followers and girls I actually know that are getting on the tweet-train. It's fun for those pops in our head :)

lol@anoop. :p


. said...

Twitter itseems. Bloody sellout person.

xanindia said...

I don't agree to thinking bad things on a person just to satisfy my anger. I used to do it before, but I felt guilty after wards. So from then on, I promised myself not to ill-think of my fellowmen. I just count up to the time my anger subsides.

The Bride said...

1. Why don't you create a section where you link to the best noopy videos/photos/write-ups. That way, those of us who are less erm committed to the cause, save time.

2. You chose Obama over Anoop? Hawww!

Jinu P said...

ok my current blogger twin will be very upset if she figures ive probably found another twin! (in you) :D

oh GAWD the Anoop craze!!! bt i am glad i have a choice between farhan akhtar and Anoop. ok no - anoop DAWGGGG it is ;-)

i went to youtube right after the words ;minor stripping'. and came back after a few minutes (wasted) to see the 'girls reeelax!'

and dont sigh it for turning lame, that dork has made me as lame too! sigh!

before i reached ur blog i was signing up for tweeter only to realize i donno what username i want. :(

and u think obama is more popular than anoop? i guess he is but do we care? :D we still love apna desi boy... oooh who's the hawtest dude in the world? my desi boy my desi boy! :D (im giving u company in being lame... hahahaha)

Pri said...

bride: dude i didnt choose him over noopy. he be president now. he has the power to cancel tv shows. american idol airs a day late this week. sniff.

Pri said...

twin: yeah the girl reeeeelax part is just mean cause by that time you're about ready to pass out. if he does do the boyz II men song this week with the girl reeelax and the stripping i dont think the nation will ever recover.

I am the Walrus said...

anoop wont' make it till the top 5..

Bikerdude said...

Heh when he sang "Bliiind", y uncle went "Mchx mchx.. see what shruthi he maintains I say". and looked at me pointedly. What I must do?

DewdropDream said...

I'm just wondering why you haven't given us any updates on gaysin lately.

padmaja said...

Hii!!! nice blog...and I experience the same thing... I have hell lot of things... from which I miss few while writing...may be I should try twitter idea.

Anonymous said...

what men! No new Post
Stop twitting and start blogging Your fans await