Tuesday, February 17, 2009

it's my half birthday today and no one wished me and even after i told them they didnt seem to think it was a big deal. it is. it's my half birthday!

watch this sort of related video to commemorate my title. i don't know. people be smoking weed in the garage area and the air be coming over here. people = my older sibling.

awww y'all watch anoop dawg tonight? super adorable! also adorable are mr and mrs desai. i have removed drishti for the entire family not to worry. today also marked the first time i voted for someone on tv and considering how much tv i watch this is rather shocking. anyway i have made up for it by voting from all the three available phones in the house. the stupid landline is down due to im thinking the rain? what is this? bangalore?

my only deal with anoop is the hair. my god if there were any more he would be blagojevic. chop it up boy. give it some shape. and dont listen to the judges. sing old songs if you like. just keep em soulful.

in other news i watched coraline and now im terrified of buttons.

in random product discovery of the week i recommend this spanish hand & body cream available at your local cvs pharmacy. it has leches which i'm told is not lychees and it's only 2.99 and it feels incredibly soft, like whipped cream only with a better smell. i would tell you the name right now except that would mean having to go upstairs. so tomorrow?

in urgent news we need to start some type of blogger revival movement. any ideas?

UPDATED: sniff. noopy didn't make the cut.
who picks the butcher over big brown dopey eyes? apparently 20,000 people. now we gotta hope for the wildcard round. if the internet is to be believed the 4th highest vote getter from each week [and that would be noopy for this week] automatically qualify for the wildcard auditions where the judges pick three more to join the top 12. i say the boy will be back. hopefully this time he will leave his beige taper pants that are at least a couple of inches too short for him at home. also was it just me or did he seem like he had absolutely no idea what the lyrics were to the group song tonight? he looked very lost wandering about the stage in his silly pants but every time they let him speak he just grows more and more adorable. makes you want to pinch his cheeks and feed him a besan ladoo.


??! said...

in urgent news we need to start some type of blogger revival movement. any ideas?
Yes - post more often!

Anonymous said...

I'm game! (during working hours only ;)

Sakshi said...

Are you talking of reviving a blogger or blogs in general?

Either way I am in. I need something to do at work :P

tgfi said...

Happy half-buddaay too yooo

Now dont say you want a cake and a party with a theme. gawd.

~vagabond~ said...

what the heck is a half birthday? didnt we just celebrate the full one a while ago? more importantly, when will the cake be served?

And what's with all the secrecy? first you left me drooling all over the bread that sounded really good and because you didnt leave a name, I had to put butter...no...not real butter, i cant believe it's not butter on top of my boring slab of oatnut bread and pretend it was as good as what you described. It wasnt. Now you leave me lusting for lotion with leches in it. I dont know what leches are, but I want them in my lotion. Names, woman. I want names.

The Bride said...

Poor Anup... I think his eyebrows are worse than his hair. But damn, he can sing! (though I missed yesterday's song because stupid husband did the channel-changing thing).

And please can you explain this half birthday business?

Pri said...

the riddler: haanji.most definitely.

anon: very good beta. this is why recession happens.

sakshi: well all the fun ones at least.

tgfi: thank you! you remembered!
bitch i called you on your fake birthday. remember?

vagabond and the bride: see 6 months after your birthday it's your half birthday. if you were somehow unfortunately born on the 31st of march or something and you find that there's no 31st september then it just means you're a bad person and you don't get a half birthday. understood? okay.

now for the wonderful body cream i was talking about. its called instituto espanol milk cream moisturizing hand and body leche proteinas. now all of these words appear on the lid. i cant tell which is the actual name. its light blue and white.

sanjana said...

Happy half birthday I say! :)
about the "blogger revival movement" I most definitely cant write blogs, but would love to help by reading, so bring them on.


The Bride said...
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The Bride said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

I didn't remember or anything, fool. It's right up there in the so called title of your post.

Oh yeah! you did. that was sweet....:)

Anonymous said...

did you see? anoop dawg. sniff.

SpaceMonkey said...

Happy Half B'day. So you're what - 32 and a half - now?

no signal said...

How did you end up choosing this "entha hotness" ?? :O Happy half birthday, BTW.

Bikerdude said...

happy b
(that is being half birthday wishes)

what is this bangalore itseems bladdy. Besides, we all use cell phones with FREE INCOMING, remember? Bwaaaahahahah

Sujatha said...

Noop might make it in the wild card round if he does something wild with his looks. So if talent doesn't get him in, then at least the interest factor might (a la malakar).

On an aside - came back to dc from b'lore in 07. A neighbor called me sanjaya for three whole weeks before she got my name right. Neither here nor there, but there you have it.