Thursday, November 13, 2008

a part of what was promised..

ill get right to it. the new coldplay cd, well it's not really new but it's the last one that came out. anyway i like it and all.. it's just that every time i listen to it something bad happens. twice i have gotten lost while the cd was playing, leading to two different toll violations. another time i was almost haunted. mostly all the bad things that have happened have been driving related but last tuesday i didnt want to take any chances so as i backed my car out of the office parking lot and the evil cd started to play i stopped and did the right thing. i changed the music to something more how you say [?] hopeful and then proceeded to drive home. and that's how obama won.

okay also i helped people decide who they needed to vote for. like my mother. and people at work who don't watch the news. my mother watches the news [mostly anderson cooper because he comes on right after her lifetime movie is over] i just help break it down for her. also i helped clear any doubts she had about emails crazy ladies from her church kept forwarding her. then i registered her to vote and did a dry run with her before she went down to the polling place. there was some confusion about choosing democrat the whole way and then clicking on obama's name for president and those two things cancelling each other out. anyway by the time she and her sister went out to vote they were well trained. yay them!

at work there was this one fool who was convinced she would be arrested if she showed up to vote because of her unpaid parking tickets. first i told her she was stupid to believe that. then i gave her a lecture about setting a good example for all four of her kids. it worked. she went. she was unable to provide me with her 'i voted' sticker so i dont know for sure but ill take her word for it.

so see obama people, i did everything you asked me to do. and more. so please stop sending me email. it's all done. we did it. unless the president elect wants to see me personally i dont need updates. i get those from olbermann. also from that maddow girl who i might have a tv crush on.


Prashanti :) said...

hey pri,
hehehehehehhehe... cant stop laughing at the girl at work part and specially the last part. LOL@ unless the president elect wants to see me ..
btw how did disco bitch fit in ???


anantha said...

You have a crush on Maddow too? That makes the two of us!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i miss gaysin

~vagabond~ said...

More importantly, gaysin voted for who?

Pri said...

prashanti: why u be cussing at my fish? also part two of post shall follow soon ish. it shall explain more. see this is why i hate 'to do' lists. you put it out there and then you have to do it.

anantha: well i have a better chance of getting with her. wtf is wrong with me?

tgfi: he be busy fool. he's all excited about going to india. i will request that he come hang out with us this weekend so i may entertain you.

Pri said...

vagabond: unfortunately gaysin can't vote. he wasn't very happy about it.

Prashanti :) said...

hey pri,
I thought ur fish's name was disco bitch !!! Was wrong obviously. so its just disco huh!!!! waiting for the other posts


. said...

Dear Pri,
Cindy is hotter than Michelle.
Rev.Jesse Jackson.

Broom said...

People, please stay away from Rachel Maddow. She be mine (and when I'm feeling generous, TG has rights on her).

Anonymous said...

maddow female? who is maddow female?
I dont have tv at home. Yes, we are living and we are pretty happy too. Not that hard. Come home sometime.

Anonymous said...

Hard work Pri!! Hey dont give to us in bits and pieces, the waiting is so crap. fast fast write madi.. about Disco and her Mom.. puleeese

Bikerdude said...

Heh heh :)

Predicting this victory, they made a Tamil movie back in the 50s entitled (o)Bama Vijayam.

Thank you thank you.

KC said...

.......and she's back - yay!
Hey Pri, please tell me ur gona watch Dostana with gaysin before he leaves for India. He can't watch there it without you - We need to hear that story.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

so did u go hang out with gaysin? what u did? tell tell.