Tuesday, September 16, 2008

it's time for a gtalk talk post. warning: all gtalk talk posts are extremely silly.

Siddharth's new status message - I wish I could live in the dream that I fly on tarred & feathered wings 12:36 AM
me: wtf does that mean?
me: why tarred and feathered?
why not tarred and glittered?
Siddharth: you don't know tarred and feathered aa?
me: no
Siddharth: in the olden days if you were accused of something
me: they cut your head off yes?
Siddharth: they would put a vat of tar on you and then put feathers and make you go around the city
AND THEN cut your head off
me: dont lie. they didnt have tar back then
they didn't have roads
me: u know when ppl say india zindabad
pakistan murdabad
i always get confused
Siddharth: yes
me: if they say zindabad it's good
and if they say murdabad it's bad no?
Siddharth: good doubt
me: good doubt it seems
Siddharth: you know
i didn't know what dhedh and dhai difference was
i kept getting confused
and then one movie released called dhai akshar prem ke
and i knew there were two and a half letters in the hindi prem
so that's how i know
me: omfg
dhai akshar prem ke
is also how i learnt that they have special words for half numbers
Siddharth: im glad you are my pgf
me: first of all their whole numbers are so hard
like in normal languages if u know 1 to 19
Siddharth: i dont know after 25
Siddharth: yes yes
me: and then 20 30 40 etc u can do the rest
Siddharth: yes yes
me: but in hindi it's so random
Siddharth: exactly
i know ninyanave
because it's always ek sow ninyanave
isn't that the coolest word?
me: i know shoonya
because on that surabhi show on dd
remember with renuka shahane?
she used to read the postal address
Siddharth: heheheehe
i know
you know what decimal point is?
me: and it had so many shoonyas in it
Siddharth: i know
decimal is dhashamlau
because temperature in chennai is always chaalees dhasamlau nou
me: heh
paapa chennai peoples
me: hehe. i know
Siddharth: are you shitting me?
me: i'm sure they looked less cheap greeting card in person
me: tell me abt zindabad murdabad
u know the diff?
Siddharth: murd sounds like murder
and zinda means living
does that help?
me: yes yes
Pri's new status message - 'lehman brothers murdabad tiwari brothers zindabad' 1:13 AM
Siddarth: who are the lehman brothers?
me: nobody
after today

p.s. no offense meant to blogger linked. the flowers you pick don't make you who you are.


??! said...

Ninnyanve at least you can derive from the sound. But byvaasi? Sheesh.

And how can you not know difference between Z and M? Every hindi flick has a line about zindagi, and other related words? And have you not seen toothpaste ads talking about 'zinda-dil taazgi'? Sillybilly.

KC said...

Hehe, Pri...
Anyway, glad you made it through Ike

PS: How is Anderson Cooper?

KC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
frissko said...

:)...what's pgf? and chennai temperature these days is only painthees dhashamlau something...and the name of the guy who sits next to Renuka Shahane in Surabhi is also 'Siddharth' (not that it amounts to anything, just telling)...

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

and what goes of your collective baaps anyway? :)

Zeppelin said...

on the other hand, (or on the same hand), the flowers you don't pick may make you who you are... if you are a nature-conservationalist (if thats even a word)

. said...

You have some terribly lame friends.

khal said...

Funnay. Whats pgf? I dunno either.

Nashe* said...

lol that was confusing xP

Motorolan said...

Last two lines made me laugh all day :)

Impressionist said...

lol!! *rofl*
that was hilarious! :D
but to be honest, I still donno what dhedh and dhai mean! call me dumb, but i dont care! :D


freespirit said...

Pri...i have just the website for you :) Fractions in Hindi http://faculty.maxwell.syr.edu/jishnu/101/numbersfractions/default.asp

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