Tuesday, June 03, 2008

it's 8pm and cnn has a projection

Dear Barack Obama,



disco and pri.

p.s. don't pick her as your running mate. i know they'll try to talk you into it but don't do it. you don't need her. you have disco and me. and olbermann.


ggop said...

Its Barack dude, not Barrack..


The Bride said...

true true... what's Hilary when you have disco (and pri).

nick carter the secret agent said...

Does it make a big difference who wins?

from india.

Anonymous said...


it does;

from london.

all hail 08AMA

Anonymous said...


Anki said...


now waiting for McCain's ass getting kicked

N yes Nick Carter watever... it matters when you don't want nymore war orphans (if nothing else)

Sandeep said...

apparently virtual fish dont count as dependants on your tax returns. who knew? :D

you're awesome! :)

The Dude said...


go barack bhai!!!

personally i was willing to support either so long as mccain didnt get it.

but he probably will pick hillary cos of the support he'll get for it.

Bikerdude said...

Thu post new I say. Barack obama yay anthe.