Friday, May 30, 2008

kahin toh

my current favourite song from 'jaane tu ya jaane na'. it's on my stickam player if you want to listen. click play on the right. vasundara das' part is my favourite.

saansein kho gayi hain kiski aanhon mein
main khogayi hun jane kiski baahon mein
manzilon se rahein dhundhti chali
aur kho gayi hai manzil kahin raahon mein

i've always liked her voice because it's very urban sounding if that makes any sense. it's not the typical filmi sugary sweet horribly high pitched flutiful voice we've grown accustomed to and more importantly she sounds believable for a youngish heroine. plus she's easier to pull off in the car compared to say a shreya ghoshal.

p.s. how adorable is 'hey aditi'? also 'nazare churana'. damn it even 'pappu cant dance' is kind of catchy. ooh and the jazz song. lovely album. it's like they told rahman "make it fun and sweet and light" and he did just that.

alright good nite. muah.

update: never mind. just read baradwaj rangan's take on it. warning - his first sentence lasts an entire paragraph but it ends wonderfully. and by the way how awesome is rangan? every time i read his reviews i find myself nodding stupidly, going yeah yeah dude totally. how the hell do you always say things the way you say things? see that right there is being good at what you do.


Anonymous said...

songs from the movie "aamir" are good
listen to "Ek lau","Ha Raham","Chakkar ghumyo" and "Haara"

Anonymous said...


hey aditi, nazarein churana and kahin toh are just awesome!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

alright it is, kahin to.

malleswaram matters said...

PLUS Vasundhara Das is from nammooru!

~vagabond~ said...

Uh huh. Verry adorable. That aditi song. Cant get enough of it. I love it. That "pappu cant dance" song was annoyingly stupid when I first heard it...but now it's growing on me...embarrasingly so. It IS catchy. Darn it.

Pri said...

anon: i just listened to chakkar ghumiyo and phas gaya. they're both really good. haara is nice too but it sounds a little wannabe rahman no?

vagabond: i know!! it's the damn tirkit dha na.

mr. matters: aah correkt ree.

tgfi: awww look at you! one day you'll have tv!

gradwolf: you warned me. you were right.

K said...

do you know of the story where I danced with Vasundhara Das while her boyfriend Roberto stared? This was solely for cheap thrills sake plus she looked hot. More for the cheap thrills though.

Your friend is proof of this incident.

Karan said...


You don't have a TV? WTF?

tgfi said...

karan, pri,
plis to donate to my tv fund generously.

tgfi said...
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The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

why aditi is not on your player? i want to listen now after reading brangan's review. put no.

Anonymous said...

listened to this on your stickam..

Do you remember the song 'o re chorey' from Lagaan?
Vasundara das' voice for the english bit is wonderful in that.

Payal said...

Am in love with "kabhie kabhie" since it is the only one on tv right now.. gonna check out the songs you are talkin bout!

Ranjan said...

agreed....mind blowing song!