Tuesday, March 18, 2008

in which mother loses her memory and brother acts like a homeless person

sorry we've been so lazy. nothing remotely exciting has happened in weeks. not even on tv. it's very sad. ooh the one thing that is happening is india fashion week. do check out highheelconfidential for fabulous coverage. the one complaint i have about them though is they're not mean enough. there's so much to be ridiculed, especially the male models. look out for the salman khan clone. surma, blush, pout. he made my day that one.

in other news brother and me are bonding which is weird. i dont do bonding very often, especially not with family members. anyway brother has decided we're old enough to talk about everything so he's been bombarding me with scandalous information especially about his time in africa and his full time hobby - marijuana. i'm not quite sure what to do with this information. i cant possibly pass it on to mother. she will freak the hell out. she is now into repeating instructions every five minutes and not because she wants to be annoying. it's because she forgets she's already talked to me about it. it's confusing. and hilarious. i find it's most fun for me when she's focused on brother. brother happens to be an artist. an out of work artist. an out of work artist who cannot sit in once place for more than five minutes. even if that place is in front of the tv. i dont get such people. he's been making random pieces of art work much to my fascination and mother's horror. the raw material he uses to come up with these pieces is what mostly causes the horror. the thing is the boy has the heart of a homeless person. he's totally okay with wandering the streets and picking up random little toy cars and such which he will then use along with soda cans and paint and other artisty crap to make stuff. mother has been trying to give him things to do, like making easter bunny cards for each of her kids at school. the last two days he's been doing these intricate pop up bunnies with pictures of the kids. turns out mother is a very demanding client. also very particular. when brother asked if he could write hoppy easter on the card she didnt think it was very funny.

i have to admit though we did have a wonderful sibling bonding moment during the whole card making process. it was when we were making fun of the little school children. like the little albino kid and the one with the scary face and the one who looks like an angry 80 year old man.

also i have got brother hooked on the daily show and the late late show with craig fergusson so that's two things we can watch together. 'what not to wear' and presidential politics he's not really into. animal mating and cops chasing stupid people im not really into. but we manage. alright i gotto go eat lunch. tata.


rads said...

LOL@intricate pop-up bunnies. Adorable little things if we last as long long enough to make one.

You bro's a darling. Really. :-)

I love Lucy said...

I got hooked onto Project Runaway after you featured Christian Siriano on your blog :P Cool kid he is.
Your ma is a teacher?

kavitha said...

lol @ hoppy easter...bro sounds like funoverload *wink

did you go for the sxsw music festival on saturday?

Karan said...

What you ated for lench?

Anonymous said...

no we anymore? what happend?