Tuesday, February 26, 2008

people i see - who keep me muchly amused thereby making my tuesday a little more bearable

mrs. keller - the first thing you need to know about her is that she's borderline loony. she owns some type of small business and drops in every week demanding we do all kinds of things for her. typically you can tell she has arrived even before she gets in the building because of her asthma inducing perfume, one she clearly dunks herself into before leaving the house, or the loony bin.

mrs. keller also makes it a point to pay tribute to african art every single day with her display of human bone jewellery. i cant really tell if it is human bone, it could be anything. talking about human bone there's this creepy family story i just recently found out. something about my grandmother insisting she be buried in my grandfather's grave and my mother insisting her last wishes be followed even though enough time hadn't passed since my grandfather had died. apparently they found some bones when they dug up the grave, some of which my brothers and cousins picked up and tossed around until the adults realised what was happening. true story.

back to mrs. keller, the first time i saw her i was instantly reminded of cruella de ville from 101 dalmations. it wasnt just the crazy nails or the overdone makeup, it was her hair. she has bits of white hair and yellow hair and then really really black hair dyed at the bottom and towards the edges in this asymmetric cut. yes, it's hideous. she should be on tv this one. what i saw today though makes the entire situation much much funnier. turns out mrs. keller has an assistant. an apprentice if you will who just happens to have the exact same crazy hair as her boss. im talking the same shape, the same colour! i couldn't believe it. how can they possibly make public appearances together? but they do, like today and it made my tuesday afternoon muchos funos.

coming up next : im doing your tag. yes, for all you fools who wont stop tagging me. rolls eyes, puts on glasses. leaves the room.
p.s. anyone wants to attempt to draw her? will give you prize. and blessings from disco.


musafir said...

Ayyo pri , where do you work girl
some kinda asylum.. zoo?

One Trick Pony said...

we are going to need a photo. maybe just the hair - but photo.

khal said...

Definitely fotto. Use camera phone, turn on silent and pretend you're dialing.

Remember to turn on silent tho', mine makes loud click otherwise.

frissko said...

Wow...dint think Grannies could like Grandpas so much even after they reach a point where they are Granny and Grandpa. Nice. Bone part is spooky gotta admit.

Nits said...

Hi, love your blog and can I get fashion advice :) ?

Anonymous said...

note to blog woner: pls keep away from crazy kat ladeez like mentioned above!

on a different note: whoohoo!! you're doing a tag!

Chamki said...

I'm working on the drawing of Mrs. Keller. Kindly keep contest open and await results.
Here via bikerdude today. See ya with Mrs Keller.

lotsa love,

Pri said...

yay!! go chamki go chamki go chamki!!!

freespirit said...

I am so much obliged madam that you have agreed to partake in the tagging. Thank you, see you again!

Anonymous said...

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