Tuesday, February 12, 2008


1. i have survived a serious paper cut* [as serious as paper cuts can get] and am sporting a spongebob square pants band aid. [only because i ran out of winnie the pooh band aids]

2. the new kid is hovering and it's driving me crazy. we all know how much i hate hovering. plus i'm not particularly fond of experiencing other people's breath.

3. it poured for a good thirty minutes this afternoon. major dramatic downpour. then it stopped. not a drop since. if i'm going to have frizzy hair all day i would like it to rain all day damn it!

4. mother and brother have left for LA which means i should have the house to myself for the entire week, unless gaysin and his mother decide to drop in sporadically to make sure i haven't been murdered.

5. they're making people wear red to work this thursday for hort-dina. i told them it was against my culture. they're not buying it.

* these paper cuts, they're some type of american phenomena right? i have never experienced a paper cut in india. ever!


CurlyGirlie said...

*these paper cuts, they're some type of american phenomena right? i have never experienced a paper cut in india. ever!

This is so true. Since I still live in India, can you please tell me what exactly is a paper cut?

kavitha said...

Pri...same pinch but mine is an hello kitty bandage :D
I get one every time i have a paper submission! *sigh*

frissko said...

what paper cut is? (i know 'paper cuttings' which are cuttings from news paper of news your dad wants you to save up or pictures you like, and that doesn't need band aid)...

La vida Loca said...

I used to get paper cuts in india also

Anonymous said...

A paper cut occurs when a piece of paper or other thin, sharp material slices a person's skin.

Paper cuts, though named from paper, can also be caused by other thin, stiff materials, such as aluminium foil, thin blades of grass, or film negatives.

kiladi kareem said...

a paper cut is the first sign that you have become one of them. u are now an official illegal immigrant.
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manju kv aka lala k kareem.

Puppy Manohar said...

Dear Ms. Denver,

Is "FACT" borrowed from Dwight Schrute? Also, I have experienced paper cut in India as well.


Puppy Manohar

Anu said...

Paper cut - requires band-aid arises from paper
Cost cut- requires announcement in major paper
Britney cut - requires ??? - and makes the paper

The Bride said...

why don't you want to wear red?

Drenched said...

I've a friend who's experienced paper cuts in India, abroad everywhere! Maybe it's got to do with delicate hands...*smirks*.