Monday, January 21, 2008

what clothes can do to you

so i spotted three different desi actors on cashmere mafia today. of course one was named raj. seriously. wtf is with that? i'm trying to remember a raj i have known in my life and i cant because i haven't. raj kapoor maybe or raj kumar but no one i've actually known in person. i mean it's not that common so why is every single desi person on american tv named that? and where did they get the zjha sound from? like raazjha? anyway i am totally in love with the show. and the makeup and the jewelery and the wardrobe. oh my god the wardrobe.

in other non tv news, i was a bad girl this weekend. um if you're a straight dude this next part might be kinda boring. if you're a girl who thinks fashion is lame and overrated i would stop reading too. everyone else and all the 8 gay boys who read my blog continue reading. so like i was saying i was a very bad girl. i went to the galleria which is like fashion heaven on earth. i figured after being in houston 5 months it was time i checked it out. i had been told it was beautiful but oh my god i had no idea. i entered around one o'clock and left at 9. thats 8 hours of non stop shopping and i barely covered 20% of the mall. it was so fabulous it didn't even feel real. at one point i felt dizzy, then i realised i hadn't eaten all day so i stopped for ten minutes which was when i realised my feet were killing me but i didn't have time to think, i had to get back to shopping, more like scoping everything out. taking it all in. sighing deeply when i saw things i couldn't possibly afford like that beautiful bag at saks. we had our moment though. i touched it and laid it back ever so gently. the whole experience of going to saks was special. it was my first time so i walked around all wide eyed with a stupid grin on my face. i'd gasp or moan everytime i saw something stunning or make a sad face everytime i saw a price tag. i couldn't walk out of there empty handed though so i picked up one silk red flowly top that i found on some sale rack. i have no idea what i could wear it with or where even but like i said i couldn't leave that store empty handed. it wouldn't have been right.

the discoveries of the day for me were max studio and this store called zara. zara i'd never heard of before. they have designer styles at regular prices which is totally okay with me. they're not forever twenty one prices but they're not crazy expensive either. max studio has some breathtakingly beautiful blouses and dresses. i mean it's like art or something. so pretty. very detailed. very delicate. a leetle more than what you'd pay at target. okay they're kinda expensive but hey they had sales. on some of their stuff. anyway overall totally doable without breaking the bank. if you buy thirteen pieces however you're kinda screwed. just saying. not that i know anyone who did.

also the steve madden store is pretty decent. i've never been a big fan but this time they had some cute styles. see this is why you must always check.
you know, the cool part about big malls is even their department stores are bigger. for example the nordstorms here is way bigger than the one in colorado. like twice as big. three floors! so is the banana republic store. it has stuff i haven't even seen online.

now to make you jealous here's three shirts i bought.

i cant find pictures for the others and that zara place has a vague website but you cant see all the clothes. also it wont let you buy stuff. max studio will. do check it out. click blouses/shirts and be blown away. be warned though, i'm not responsible for any emotional trauma that website may cause you.
oh yeah and that michael kors tunic is totally see through. heh. oh well. it's not like i'm going to wear it to work.

p.s. coming soon to sicrit blog: long juicy post on the hilarity and lameness in being a guest contributer on this um one website.


Anonymous said...

I absoooluteeely HORT zara. It's my favouritest store.
I'm glad Amreeka ahs it. Now we can rant and rave...
siiiigh...clothes :)

??! said...

zara's a British brand. Also now in India methinks. Nice, innit?

shub said...

zara's Spanish, no? And what Pri, no shoes?! Will gleefully await ze post on ze other blog...

scout said...

pffffffffffft. you only just discovered zara??? tsk. you haven't been reading my blog at ALL have you? come come, come to me for cheap knock offs of runway designs. zara. mango. and of course, i'm a topshop princess, a rock star too.

that last top is very cute. only it's made for skinny girls.

rads said...

Zara was my favorite till I sprouted the last baby :|

Forver 21 is still a hit fav. Mall shopping for 9 hours. that was me a few years ago. Now, it's like I wear blinkers on either side when I enter the place. Or i'd spend a day and leave my kids somewhere without a ride.

*sigh. Anyways, the 2nd one is so wickedly flashy. Like the gray tho'

Anonymous said...

hey Pri

Have been a fan of your blog for a couple of months still making my way through it a post or three a day (at work!)

Just felt like i HAD to tell you that whenever i need cheering up, i read your write up of Aap Ka Suroor :P
It was on my "to see" list anyway, but your version pushed me to it - thanks! It really was exactly how you described it.
"It's a mistaaaaaaaaaake" Hilarious!

La vida Loca said...

I love Galleria in Dallas.
Top # 3 is what I liked the most.

Indianoguy said...

Ok..let me make it clear, I am not gay, but found this post interesting (= slow and boring day at work) ;-).

Strangely, I know at least 2 dozen Rajs

Zara is kool. I used to frequent it, when I was a little girl in the UK. Ok, not really, but they do have decent guys stuff too.

Oh, Steve madden is excellent for guys. He is really helpful in my salsification pursuits.

ggop said...

Love the see through top!

once again said...

u hadnt heard of ZARA !!?

* GASP *


Neha said...

tch tch, you amreekis also na! incidentally i dnt like zara. everytime i go there i only find skinny girl clothes, thn again, i think that's a croatia thing. sigh.

Pri said...

so every single one of you bitches have heard of zara? excuse me for living under a rock these past few years [read colorado] anyway i have discovered zara and i love it! also it is NOT a skinny girl store.

neha: you need to move out of croatia honey. seriously. croatia??

scout: of course i read your blog but i dont remember hearing about a zara, maybe i did and figured it was some lame store in whatever mysterious town you lived in. this was before you made the big announcement or your um location.

once again: calm down boy. i have now.

rads: there's this store called xxi which is owned by the same company that owns forever 21. way better! go see.

soupie: you have never mentioned it. ever! what are friends for?

shub: heh. of course i got shoes. what shopping trip is complete without shoes? couldn't find em on the steve madden website though. they're totally unique though. open toe and strappy but covered at the back. in silver and gold.

??! they have it in india now?

la vida loca: ooh there's a galleria in dallas? is it super big too?

indianoguy: ahem. okay dude whatever you say.

gopp: isnt it adorable? it's kinda cold though with all the holes. heh. oh god i totally just reminded myself of my 8th std class teacher with the holy clothes. ugh!!

Pri said...

anon: awwwwww so sweet! i cant wait for himesh's new movie, karz or something. cannot wait!!! and thanks for reading and saying hi.

didusaysomething said...

I love the metallic top. I got it from BR. And yes Zara has some fun tops :)

La vida Loca said...

yesssu!! sooouupperr freaking bigg complete with an ice skating rink!

Priya said...

me likes the glitzy vlitzy one with the black bow thingie :-) (yep, I'm pretty eloquent when it comes to fashion)

if only I were the I-love-shopping kind of person..~sigh~

Art said...

There's a basketball player called Rajah Bell for the Mavs. Pronounced Raaa-shaa. Actually a sh sound with a j undertone. Ok bye.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ahha new name for blog and disco is revived too!
i like tops #1 and #3. not so much the slutty one.

scout said...

go see my barca posts. ALL about zara. i mean come on, barca literally spawned zara. ok, fine, some place in the north of spain, but still.

and my new year's eve dress? on the blog? yeah. zara. and between you and me, just a hundred bucks. :D

The Nomad said...

I came across Zara in a Bkk mall and then again in Dubai, really like their stuff. In fact I bought a brick read long coat from there last year in spite of Bombay having no winters (!!) and got to wear it on a recent trip to the freezing Delhi :)

Did someone mention they are in India?!Where?Where?

Empress said...

Zara is Spanish. And it is very cool.

Sam said...

Shud have taken ur advice and not read further beyond that point... why don't i ever listen to one?? sheesh.....

Priyanka said...

pretty new to your blog, but love it!! still digging into your archives :) it makes my afternoons (esp the workday ones) fun and worth looking forward to. oh and loved the see through top.

The Bride said...

How American that you haven't heard of Zara... By the way, secret blog is not secret if you keep talking about it.

khal said...

Yay Clothes!! Blouses!!!!

oh wait..zzzzzzzzzzzz...

he he he he. sorry, this post reminded me of old days at home. I'd do this to my sis when we was out shopping. ("Do you like this one or that?" "Umm. that?" raises eyebrows)

Pliss not to be minding.

Anonymous said...

Hi again! Thanks for replying :-)
Ya me too - Karrzzzz will be awesome for sure.

Me thinks HR should get Ruby James to be the Maharani - and they can give her some nice song+dance sequences. And that Motwani girl would have made a good silly schoolgirl basically because that's what she is! But i guess "HR kabhi heroines repeat nahin karta"??!!?!

Anyway you need to do another movie review real soon

Karan said...

Oh just for your information:

Steve Madden Shoes are made in Agra. I went to the factory and got 4 pairs for myself. I hadn't heard of the brand until I just read it here though. I shall stop wearing the shoes to office if they're supposed to be expensive.

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khal said...

hey if you're handing out cash, i'll take some as well.

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Anonymous said...

i'm quite big on cash as well. preferably european, in small unmarked bills. kthxbye!

btw, fashion smashion. i buy all my fancy stuff as export surplus. i dont have to go to amrika to take advantage of sweatshop labour!

Kavitha said...

i likey the 3rd top!

oh btw me havent ventured into Zara yet..still in the forever 21 & charlotte russe phase!!!

Silvara said...

pretty pretty tops - wish Zara was here in Aus :( if it is I haven't seen it yet lol...I think TopShop is still the latest UK craze here :)

Anonymous said...

hey y u not writing?where u?