Monday, January 28, 2008

google chat chat [cause we haven't posted one of those in a while]

my status says "we're thinking drastic career change. yeah. no really."

kg: ah
me: ess?
kg: you're becoming full-time blogger?
me: heh. no
kg: mountain climber?
me: no no
although that would be drastic.
i wouldn't be any good at it
kg: hmmm
you're going to settle down and become homemaker?
me: bwahahahaha
kg: [smile]
then what
me: i would have more success at the rock climbing thing
kg: hehehehe
me: our degree is in marketing
so we want to do advertising
kg: whooo hooooo
me: even if it's hard to get into
because damn it we'll like it
we're sorry we're saying we
we've been saying we for a while now
we cant make it stop
kg: hehehehe
yes, it's quite addictive
me: how does one become an adveritising genius?
i guess it would help if we could spell it correct eh?
kg: there you go
me: i'm going to spend today googling advertising
and reading up everything there is to know about it
kg: awesome plan
me: don't be mean!!
kg: no
me: current job sucks
kg: awww
me: and our wardrobe would work great in advertising
it's totally wasted at current job
kg: hmmm
me: surrounded by boring bankers
i called in sick today
i'm so trying to get fired
kg: hehehehe
me: heh
so yeah
that's the plan for today
google advertising
kg: good deal
me: then go get much needed pedicure
and maybe watch juno
a day well spent
kg: true

Sent at 11:45 AM on Monday

i'm 24. i need to be inspired and excited about my future. the only way i'll ever work hard is if i'm doing something that excites me. i need your advice because really who else can i ask? my parents??? they're all about the mba and settling down. i'm not settling. i refuse to settle. what am i gold dust?? so talk to me oh wise strangers. i'll be over here. googling advertising.


Puppy Manohar said...

Dear Ms. BGID

I watched Juno. I liked it. I recommend it.

I don't know about advertising, however.


Puppy Manohar

"Silencio, old man" - Juno

Sakshi said...

@Pri - Took me an awful long time to find something that I enjoy. Sadly it is not creative - it involves looking at gels, killing mice, breeding mice to kill them, and such like. So the only advice I can give is to go for it. Take the plunge into something that you enjoy. That is what works best.

And second the Juno vote. Loved it. Best screenplay of the year in comedy.

La vida Loca said...

Think about the MBA..going back to school may give u avenues to explore. u could do internship / curricular pratical training while in school. Most schols have career services office that help u make such decisions.

good luck

rads said...

Girl, one's mind keeps changing at different phases in life. You're 24. Do what you want now, coz surely that's not gonna be what will thrill you when u are my age. It's teh blessed person who finds his passion in life and is lucky enough to be able to follow it.
End o lecture.

settle down? are u crazy? Don't!

Anonymous said...

Here's a plan. Get into a business school in a fun city for a Phd in Marketing. No, wait, seriously. Take no more than four years to finish - the work is manageable. Academic jobs in business are quite available - quickly make tenure in six years. Then, at thirty four, you have a job for life, and loads of time left over, also all summer, to yourself.
It worked like a dream for my less worthy brother.

Kavitha said...

Pri...Business school works (staying, finishing some papers in mktg, adv, partying in school that is) get a GA that would suport school exp a bit...we can buy time for 2 years!

ps: me doing that...muahaha

shub said...

Get a job with Wisden.

Carved Garnet said...

Settle down, ha ha!! You won't have to worry about what you have to do for your future.

Rithish said...

settle down... no, really... then you can send the kids to school, and watch cricket all day...

Anonymous said...

replace harsha bhogle

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

get married. make babies. give them good names. :)

Epiphany said...

How about becoming a critic of whatever excites you?? Then you get paid for bitching about stuff you like....more bitching = more moolah = more excitement...hmmm I think i'll switch jobs too :)

Anonymous said...

Become a script writer for a new Balaji serial.... Main character based on your life ofcourse!
But your name would have to be changed so "Kiran ki Kahani" or something like that would work. Ekta would like that

Anonymous said...

Become a script writer for a new Balaji serial.... Main character based on your life ofcourse!
But your name would have to be changed so "Kiran ki Kahani" or something like that would work. Ekta would like that

Bikerdude said...

Honestly and in all seriousness, I really think you should look for jaab in Bandolino.

Bag also bitti you will get, happy also you will be, is it not.

??! said...

Become food critic.
Or blogger food critic.
Or (glare, glare) become critic of bloggers who write about food.

khal said...

whatever you do, don't go to grad school. :(

So does not live up to the hype.

durkhaima said...

take a chance.. it's worth it..and just do it !!!

ferret said...

Get into entertainment / media industry, will love to watch something as hilarious as your blog on tv.
but seriously, if you feel like calling in sick to the job ever so often, you bet its time to move on. that's what i did.
and why do they call it settling, if anything it shud be called unsettling!
oh btw, hi, came over from tgfi's blog.

traveller said...

Welcome to the gang hon... I don't know what to do, so I am going back to studying! Anything :P

I suggest you become a celebirty fashion critic.. What say? Good job no? Or TV show critic.. I mean you must already have a PhD in that!

And why is blogsville full of single women who have absolutely no clue what's happening with their lives? Hmmm...

narendra shenoy said...

Take it from one who has an MBA, you don't want to do a stretch there. There is so much wind in them bags, most of the effort is in trying to ensure they don't float away. And while the cash is good (way too good), there is so much bovine digestive residue, if you know what I mean, that the sensitive mind curls up in anguish. Money also sort of traps you. You get a fat salary. So you get a great apartment. Now you've got big mortgage payments to make. So you look for a better paying job. You get one, but they want you to do your traveling on weekends. And you've decided to buy that beemer because the shitpot next door has one. Oops. Now car loan payments too. Need a better paying job. This one's good, even though the boss is abusive, but I'll take it.

And so on. You measure success in terms of how much you are worth and how many people's butt you can kick. It ropes you in and keeps you running forever. Gives you goodies. But robs you of your smiles.

Keep it simple. Do something creative. Be someone who is needed. And be somewhere where you make people smile.

Write a book. A movie script. A play. You write well.

Rithish said...

I still opine that you should make babies, send them to school, and enjoy the cricket...

plush said...

lol..."gold-dust" i kno what to tell my folks when they ask me to settle down... heehee....thanq...oh n my suggestion....24? laawng way to majaa maadi!!

Anonymous said...

dont know about wisdom, but i do know about quitting the mainstream... i quit engineering to pursue photography.

if you believe you can cope with the inherent evils of advertising such as those mentioned by mr shenoy above, go for it.

Pri said...

thank you random strange people for all the advice. on the movie and the probable career change.
the movie we watched. we liked. the other bit we're still figuring out. it'll take a while. sigh.

almostinfamous: you did? that's very cool. we're inspired. oh and we can handle the evil people. we are evil people.

plush: namskaara. kindly take yuver seat.

rithish: yeah. we're not really into birthing childrens. we will continue to enjoy the cricket though.

mr shenoy: sirjee, do not scare off the young ones. someone's got to make all that money and fool all those people into buying all that stuff. i want to be that person. also i could never write an entire book. not on the same topic at least. or a play. i could totally write a movie. i've written several actually. in my head. all starring me. and various international cricketers.

traveller: hello. kindly take yuver seat. of course i'd love to be a television critic. you know anyone in tv??

ferret: thank you. again. you know anyone in tv??

durkhaima: thank you. we're working on it. sort of.

khal: okay. but only cause you said so. also dr.pri just sounds wrong.

??! dude i'd be an awesome food critic. you know what else im good at. guessing what's being cooked as it's being cooked. from miles away. i got my daddy's nose.

bikerdodanna: wattay sakkat idea. i will apply tomorrow only. bag and shoe bitti. also occasionally they have coats. ugly coats. but bitti is bitti. i will take.

anon: heh. my life isn't filmy enough.

epiphany: varygood idea. varynice. and hellojee welcome. kindly take yuver seat.

tgfi: i will not birth the childrens but i will totally name the childrens. you know of any childrens that need naming?

anon: he's irreplaceable, that harsha. also i'm glad you didn't say mandira body. i wouldve gotten you killed.

Pri said...

puppyjee: we have since watched the movie. we thought of you when we heard "silencio old man". we also wondered how old you were.

sakshi: what's with you all you scientist bloggers and rats? i mean there are other things you could be researching no?

la vida loca: you sound exactly like my dad.

rads: thank you. for the lecture. and you cant be that old.

anon: heh. less worthy brother?? what happened to bhai bhai pyaar or bhai behen pyaar?

and we'll think about it.

kavitha: you're buying time for what?

shub: that would be a dream job

carved garnet: you!! you're back? and blogging??

La vida Loca said...

oooohhhhh my God!!
don't tell me. :(
hey I was only trying to help :( coz u asked :((

Kavitha said...

for making career choices + gold-dust thingy to happen...we need to keep mommy,daddy happy also no? :)

khal said...

Hmm... I can't stop thinking aboot your post. So here's the pep talk:

Firstly, my motto in life: Gotta do what you love, gotta love what you do. Is the only reason I'm still in my current work place with total retards for company.

You say advertising, I say go for it. Why you'd be good at it.

a) You seem to understand human nature .... Lets see, you already figured out gay cousin who doesnt know he's gay, you understand the new crazies at work AND they think you're "very proper".

b) You attract the masses, keep them coming back for more. Lets see, most posts on this pageload have like 30 something comments. Which is more than I ever get with my superlative writing. (he he he)

c) You have creative abilities ("Yeh dil maange more" and such). You already have people saying "sicrit" and "gaysin".

d) You like cricket and can relate to dudes.

e) You like clothes and shoes and can relate to the ladies and their gay best friends.

f) Seriously, get a job in advertising already will ya?

And even if all else fails, fuck it. Just enjoy life and keep at it. You can't be inspired if you're not surrounded by misery. And you're already touching a lot of lives in a good way.

Definitely don't go to grad school and don't have babies.

Shit its 4 a.m. No wonder I'm rambling. Sorry, I'm going to stop now. Take it easy, kay?

Renovatio said...

I got a long lecture about advertising and which one of the three agencies that said yes to me to say yes to and all that. I can't remember a word of it. Except that Leo Burnett is a no-no.

Pri said...

khal: you know, i could hug you right now.

reno: wat wat wat? don't you need to finish the 12th grade first?

la vida loca: heh. i know :)

durkhaima said...

I agree with khal, I can't stop thinking about this post either, I was in the similar situation a year ago... at a company that paid well, but I wasn't really diggin it... not challenging and not what I wanted... so I quit , now I contract, don't stay at one place more than 3 months other things like theatre that I enjoy..don't know what is next but it needs to happen step by step.. you first gotta make the move.. once I left the job.. I was more compelled to find ways to do what I wanted to do.. also, one thing.. it's kinda cheesy but it helps me... keeping a list.. and revising it all the time to see how my priorities differ.. i put down all the stuff I most definitely gotta do..and you know if you just write it and forget about it.. you'll find you can't forget about it ..cuz I always have the list in my purse..forever questioning my move and mocking me when I steer away from the priorities listed in it.. :P it helps though.

Pri said...

durkhaima: thank you! you guys are being incredibly sweet. i might try the list. i usually suck at lists but the thought of a list in my bag mocking me makes me want to try it.

Puppy Manohar said...

Dear Ms. BGID,

My 2 cents : I've always thought a job should be what enables you to live, not what you live for.

Best of luck,

Puppy Manohar

"You're only as old as you feel." - Anon

CrazyDiamond said...

Why work?
I'd suggest marry a rich old tycoon and divorce in a year (There are tons of movies made on the concept, if one needs to get inspiration). A little pain, but all gain after that. no?

and see, unlike all the swindlers out there, I seek no monetary remuneration for my advice. Stupid that way.

narendra shenoy said...

If you HAVE to go and get an MBA, get it from one of the better schools, one which will enable you to get into banking and finance (as opposed to, say, the burger flipping industry). Once there, say yes when everyone's saying yes, no when everyone's saying no, don't be starting anything and invest YOUR money in gilts and t-bonds.

Am I sounding a bit like old Polonius in Hamlet?

Anonymous said...

I've always thought a job should be what enables you to live, not what you live for.

that's pretty uncool. when what you live for enables you to live as well it forms a nice comfortable feedback loop, which is cool. which is what i'm trying to make happenz.

of course you need to have quite a bit of self-esteem for this to work out, because the majority may end up hating you down the line if you're happy at work.

as to Mr Shenoy: shouldnt everyone in the US be investing money in zippered mattresses nowadays?

Renovatio said...

Dood, I'm already halfway through my undergrad. I'm such a genius and all that I was through school a month after I turned seventeen. I also have two years of professional work experience on my resume. About to start messing around in advertising, copy first.

shub said...

Seriously, apply to Wisden. Or atleast see if you can get a part-time/freelancing type of job. With your passion for the game and the knowledge will suffice to see you through I'm sure. Heck, getting into sports journalism is still and idea I toy with at times.

kayb said...

im no freakin stranger! finally u realised u need to change ur job! i dont like the bank! people r so unfriendly(may be it still is the best place for u) advertising is way better! and what is that job where even your wardrobe doesn encourage to go for work!!!
P.S. i saw sweeny todd! totally gory and awesome! so love jhonny depp!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pri i told u hands down adverting-in the creative side-copywriter!
its fun,u workd on diferent products,across categories.try it.soem agencies are jwt,ogilvy,euro,leo burnett,tbwa


Anonymous said...

You suck big time. You think there is there is a LOT of creative stuff in advertising? NO!
If you are really creative do something creative in which ever field you are in!! Just because you write a good blog doesn't mean you will revolutionize the ad industry.

Pri said...

anon: you're my first official troll. i'm so excited. thank you!! also im not trying to revolutionize any industry. im just trying to figure out how i can make money and not hate my job.

Anonymous said...

exactly u ll make money and at the same time will not hate your job, u will love it,pooja