Monday, December 24, 2007

Dear Amir Khan,

Look. We get it. You wanted to make us weep. And we did. Within the first half hour even. But then you had to go and show us that damn nightmare where the kid gets separated from its mother! And all this right before they send it away to boarding school?!! By the time the parents drive off leaving the poor kid at the side of the road we are choking. Mother can barely breathe, she's sobbing into her saree. Gay cousin who doesn't know he's get yet has run out of tissues. My contact lenses are threatening to slip right out. And then you go and play that damn song. It's fucking heart breaking and you know it but you had to play it anyway. With words like "Chehre Pe Aane Deta Nahin Dil Hi Dil Mein Ghabraata Hoon Maa" and " Bhej Na Itna Door Mujkko Tu, Yaad Bhi Tujhko Aa Naa Paoon Maa. Kya Itna Bura Hoon Main Maa" And then just when we're beginning to compose ourselves you go and play the tune again. And again. And again.
Damn you!


Anonymous said...

damn! you NRIs get to watch the movies earlier than we do :|

Renovatio said...

Now being serenaded by the Foo Fighters singing 'Times Like These' upon landing on here was a pleasant surprise. We're impressed.

Nikhil.S.Kaundinya said...

beda ri......please beda.....tragedy beda....!!!

Sam said...

a nice movie anywyz!!!

rads said...


Happy Holidays dear :)

Indianoguy said...


You can tell Amir Khan all of that here!

Pri said...

anon: we're not nri. we're temporarily out of country ashte.

reno: we're not talking to you. we recently found out you're like twelve. we think we might be arrested or something.

rads: you too :)

sam: yes yes.

nikhin: pichar tumba tragedyree. en maadodu?

indianoguy: omg he has over a thousand comments! i want!

Beth said...

He's a frikin' evil genius with all the crying.

Renovatio said...

Is that so?

Anonymous said...

the moviee is getting gr8 reviews thouh ;B

Merry Christmas to u !!

khal said...

so, totally unrelated but this is something that I was wondering. Are all your links set to shuffle or wot? Everytime I reload the page, I'm in a different position.

He he he..... Can we declare that we've tried all possible positions with Pri? Can we? Can we??

Pri said...

reno: mm hmm.

beth: he is. turns out he's also really funny. i recently read this interview where he said the meanest, funniest things i've ever heard about the movie black.

veens: oh it's a good movie alright. it's just fucking miserable.

khal: knock yourself out. i would like kaju barfi from india in exchange.

Bikerdude said...

Just substitute all the "Maa"s at the end of each line with a "" (goat) or a "Moooo" (cow) and you'll feel much better about the movie.

But seriously how can anyone cry over movies the actors are paid a million bucks to ham in! I JUST don't get it.

Call me jaded.

Anonymous said...

i cried. not just once or twice. but the whole fucking movie.

its not right. i felt like my balls fell off.

Pri said...

biker thaatha: no no i connect with fictional characters in a way i could never connect with real people. real people are lame dude.

anon: heh. i know i know. is okay. you were not the only one. amir khan is evil.