Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sneak peek at the first ever Kb creations!

It was just a few years ago when we'd make fun of her - "Kb when you become a fashion designer you're going to need to stand on a ladder to dress your models."

Cut to now and our little Kb is all grown up. I still can't believe I'm looking at actual Kb creations.

[click on image for larger view]

She insists i mention here that the ridiculous hair and makeup were NOT done by her. She also wants to state her immense hatred for the models. :)

Kb i love the dresses [my favourite is the second one] but i love u more!


manish malhotra said...

@ kb kreations...
ill take care of you B@#CH

Manish malhotra
gay designer/irbaz molestor

Pri said...

kb anonymous = rbr
also i am haawing one coschin. was the model's hair in the first picture inspired by the Gomteshwara statue?

RBR said...

yes.. the design of the first models hair looks like ahem.. err something irbaz likes in some part of his anatomy

k.b. said...

awww priii.... thanks.
@ all de pervert boys... i told ul to ignore the models. and whatever is on their head.

bharath molester aka bharath said...

The tan lines are very prominent on the 1st model whose hairstyle is similiar to irbaz's some part anatomy. i know it coz i've secretly clicked pictures which is used for khud-khushi (plis to be getting self-satisfaction joke)

irbaz said...

aagggghhhhhhh chinese models?
plis to be forgiving my scareddomness... i have been molested by chinese boy on a fateful new years night.
and bharath has photos to prove it..

bharath said...

yes, i normally put 2 boys in 1 room and attempt to do things. i tried it first with karen the slaveboi (not the hair factory)

i am also known as GAY SAW-1, GAY SAW-2, and GAY SAW-3

or u can just call me Faggot Bharath

Pri said...

im so sorry kb. this was meant to be a tribute to your fabulous designer self but it's turned into a spam box for three homophobic boys who apparently think they're hilarious.

k.b. said...

i agree with you pri, bharath thinks he's funny but he actually isnt. He is not funny at all. But i feel Irbaz does hav a good+smart sense of humour. I'd like to advise bharath to stop trying so hard.

But thank u pri, u'r splenderful.

Pri said...

will the real miss kb please stand up.
[irbitch pliss not to be making local television commercials joke. dead giveaway i say]

the real K.B. --a.k.a halal paapanni said...

this is the real K.B. speaking up
to the imposter: BL@@DY F@&%
dont mess with me if you love yourself(or in your case bahadur).MIND IT! Stay Away!!!!