Monday, July 30, 2007

I learn new words. I also discover i might be colour blind. Oh and also im irreplaceable ... either that or im worthless.

I occasionally get taught unique American words by my wonderful coworkers and i in turn teach these fascinating words to you my fascinating [but very silent*] blog readers.

Ladies and Gentleman i present to you today's word - 'Hootenanny'! Apparently it means a fun party.

Earlier today I had asked the boss if i would have to do an exit interview when i leave and if it would be fun. I was told after a couple of moments of silence followed by a smirk that it would be a hootenanny.

I also found out that they're not hiring anyone to replace me at work. This can only mean two things. One that I'm irreplaceable or two that my contribution to the company is so insignificant that it doesn't really matter if I'm gone.

In other news I met the most squeaky kid in the history of squeaky kids today. I wanted to bitch slap it but didn't because that would mean having to walk 10 feet towards the brat.

I also went pastel polish shopping today since its summer and all my magazines tell me that dark colours are out and i happen to own a bunch of these.

So this is what i ending up buying and now I'm told they look exactly the same.

Then i discovered i also own two more that look kinda the same.

What makes me feel better is the fact that it is now impossible to get the older ones to open. Also new nail polish is way funner than old nail polish.

Since we're taking pictures i have to show you these two that i bought a couple of weeks ago.

I just realised they're also pretty much the exact same colour. In fact two shades of the lighter one look like one shade of the darker one.

I tell you these O.P.I people and their cutesy names. Try walking away from 'Me so happy with this colour' or 'Mini how high' or 'Dulce de lichee'.

* Take a hint. Say something.


shub said...

*stares at the pics for a good two minutes*
Convinced there's a mirror there and you've just placed ONE bottle against it. And a "half cd" just to confuse us.
Very clever, Pri, very clever. Aint falling for that.
[ I had too much to eat. Kindly 'scuse! ]

Pri said...

um that sounds really complicated.
[do u mean too much to drink?]

rebel said...

So now life has so much more than television!

Nice to know that!

freespirit said...

if you can blog about nail polish, maybe i should blog about shoes. And here i thought there was nothing exciting going on in my life and I live such a boring unbloggable existance! U give me inspiration to get 'with it' once more :)

Nice shades btw...though yeah...pretty similar!

Preeth said...

The old ones I am sure were pretty happening shades - back in late 80's I mean :) Good thing you took some time off and went shopping for new colours. Btw was there a buy 1 and take 1 of the same colour free offer by any chance?

Arranged? said...

omg! I love the shades too... except, the shades don't look all that familiar... My fav's Revlon... OMG! do you guys remember Tips N Toes from India.. I used to be obsessed with those shades.. No idea if they're even around or not these days...

Pri said...

@rebel: what? no! the tv is still my most favourite person to hang out with in the universe.

@freespirit: i inspire people?
varry good. update fastly.

@preeth: no such offer. just blind old me. and those cutesy names.

@arranged: the tips and toes ads always had these women with freakishly long pointy red nails.
remember elle 18! this one girl from my school won some contest [basically she mixed random colours and added some glitter]and so they named one shade after her. sabah sparkle! she instantly became royalty.

Su said...

I remember those Elle 18 days :) Quite a funky marketing campaign that was.

Su said...

Er.....that was just me trying to
'say something' :)

Pri said...

@su: one need not explain. one may talk gibberish for all i care.

equally jobless said...

Ok, I presume you have ten fingers and ten toes like everyone else but I see eleven bottles in the pics. Kindly explain the math.

Pri said...

@equally jobless: u counted wrong. there's 12. u can see part of the 4th one in that group photo. yes that group photo of nail polish bottles. and the extra two are for the middle finger. i like to paint that one twice.

duniya said...

how do u pronounce hootenanny?

Pri said...

um hoot like suit
and nanny like fanny

ok? ok.

eve's lungs said...

I thought you said you had a bunch of dark shades so where did these come from - apart from the ones you just bought ,

Pri said...

they're from last summer. i discovered them along with the other crap in my room. only they were dusty and refused to open.