Thursday, July 19, 2007

And the award goes to [2]

Alright i realise it has only been some 15 minutes since my last post but this is quite necessary as you will see.

The award for the saddest blogger in the whole world goes to BD. I just received the following email from him. "Woe is me: My kuil blog was my swan song. They have blocked blogspot at work :( :( Sem-eye evull these fellows are."

Let us take a moments silence to mourn a fellow blogger's loss. Feel free to leave your sympathy messages here.


Rebellion said...

Oh wait! I had to leave a condolence message? Wot the heck, thats just NOT me. Please pass on something to him/her on my behalf :P

And btw, *yelling in slow mourning voice* GOLDDDDDDD :P

TS said...

They blocked blogspot in January at my workplace.

And thats when I developed a writer's block.

Nothing like letting the thoughts flow when one's at work!

Pri said...

@rebellion: eh? what gold?

@ts: oh you poor thing! i would quit if blogspot was blocked. im still getting over the fact that youtube is no longer available. i cant watch 'leonid the magnificent' videos anymore. sniff.

Krish Ashok said...

BD. Plis to be notings. Since my job title is "Official moronical security policies evader" at work, here is some advice:

Blogspot - login - Settings - Email and then enter "mail to blogger" address and hit save settings. So now you can post from email.

Pls send consulting dakshina (cas or kind) to 23,1st cross st, 4th ave, besant ngr, chn-90

Rebellion said...

Pri, you've been blogging since more than 8 months and you don't know why we yell 'GOLD'?? x-(

Pri said...

@krish ashok: its the reading he's upset about, not the writing.

@rebellion: um no. care to enlighten me?

Rebellion said...

lol. They're metals to be grabbed. The competition is worse than that on olympics :P The first commenter gets the GOLD, then SILVER, then BRONZE :P

Su said...

Nice blog. Was searching for something bright and witty to read during my on-the-internet-and-wanting-to-be-occupied time.

Yay. Link you soon and keep the posts coming :)

mravella said...

My heart goes out for BD. But maybe he can find some comfort in the fact that I can't even browse at my new work. People at work told me they have some monitoring software installed on our PC. I keep getting visions of being escorted out when I am online for more than 10 minutes :(

Krish Ashok said...

No any problems. Jusht use bloglines or any other rss reader to subscribe to all the blogs he is interested in. And oh, if he still wishes to visit blogspot, he can always use a http anonymizer like

Pri said...

@su: thank you. and i see u totally pimped my blog. very cool :)

Bikerdude said...

Thank you my dears for the condolence massages and for ways to get around the block. There are about 1500 engineers in my company employed with the specific task of blocking access to anything that contains the words "the" or "bengalooru". So no go at work.

Pri, my comments shall be few and far between but heartfelt nonetheless. Love love and all that.