Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SUPERSTAR [Known yis ye draap...unknown yis ye yocean]

RBR claims he saw/heard this on some news channel. [Yes we're thorough professionals on this blog]

Rajini fans are coming out of the movie hall after watching Sivaji:

Man with half a shirt comes out all sweaty and beaming. Interviewer asks him how the movie was.

Sweaty man: "Swooper saar swooper pichaar. All the comedy scenes were very humour saar."

Interviewer: "So you liked it?"

Sweaty man: "Swooper saar. I was not abled to hear yanny dialogues saar. Too much whistling. But no praablem saar. Tomorrow yagain i yam going. THALAIVAAAAAAAAAR!"

Watch this video for some crazy fan reactions.

This loony lady who looks quite sensible otherwise flew in to Chennai from Australia just to watch the movie first day first show. Watch her talk like Rajini is one of her family members.

Sudhish Kamat [who's otherwise quite the reliable film critic] writes here about why there is no reason to look for reality in a Rajini film.

And check this out. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!


Anonymous said...

Rajini saar soooper madaam... nimigenu gottu!!
U shud see the kind of bookings that movie has here in Hydie.. cant even imagine how it is in Blore and Chennai!

Ashwin said...

I don't know if the movie is any good... but it sure as hell is making a lot of news... I wonder why tho!