Monday, June 04, 2007

Feeling extra Desi

I watched like a total of seven hours of Indian Idol plus a couple of Hindi movies* online this weekend and I woke up this morning feeling very Desi. I even listened to my ‘Morning Raaga’ CD [that my dad just sent me] on my way to work.

And in keeping with my sudden burst of Desiness I wore a FabIndia kurta to work. Everyone loved it of course and I got asked a million times where it was from. “My mum bought it for me from India” was greeted with sad faces - “Ohhhh of course. There’s no way you could find something that pretty here” so I started telling people they could visit the Fabindia website.
Now after about 7 referrals I feel like I deserve a cut. I do no?

In other news it’s Monday and I’m grumpy. What’s happening with you?

*I recommend ‘Cheeni kam’. Watch out for the cute little kid [she dies at the end so don’t get too attached] and funny waiter who might be related to Vadivelu. Also watch out for the super dramatic scene at the end where you’re supposed to be all sad but you can’t stop laughing because Amitabh Bacchan is yelling ”Maa, mujhe sexy chahiye maa..”
Now that I’ve completely ruined the movie for you I do recommend that you watch it. It’s good really.

edited @ 4.53 pm: Statcounter tells me someone googled "cheeni kam amitabh chicken" and found my blog.
Amitabh chicken?? You think that was a typo?

Also read this version of the Aerosmith concert. Much funneir than mine.

Ooh random question to fellow bloggers - Is it just me or is BLOGGER being a bitch? The last few times i've posted stuff i've ended up with four trillion drafts that i didnt ask for. Help!


Anonymous said...

I found Amitabh funny when he says that in the end... :).. Same pinch! :D

And yes.. Blogger has upgraded itself.. it saves drafts without us asking it to!! Hmmpphh...

Pri said...

right. but what is the need for so many drafts and is there a way i can delete them all together?

i spend as much time deleting the drafts one by one as i do writing the post!

Ashwin said...

Hahahaa... Amitabh chicken!!!

Wasn't planning to watch this one... but thanks to you (and i mean that in a real nice way :)... I'm sure I won't!

Shootout @ Lokhandwala, which came out at about the same time is really good! You MUST watch it!