Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hmmm i wonder who i was in love with the week i made my email address...

I have this Yahoo account that i never use but occasionally I check in because i have one or two silly friends who insist on emailing me only on Yahoo. Today i tried to log in and of course i had forgotten my password so i tried to reset it, only i had to answer all these questions about myself first. I passed all the rounds until i got to the secret challenge question.

The question was "Who do i love?"

Now you have to remember i made this yahoo email address when i was 15 or 16 so i had to think back to 7 years ago and i did. I had this fun mini flashback and i tried entering in the names of all the boys i had had crushes on. There were a lot. I tried different spellings for each guy, special names i used for them when i discussed them with my friends.
Nothing worked.
Then just when i was about to give up i tried 'Rahul Dravid' and it let me change my password.

The end.

By the by i now have email for my blog so you can email me @ if you're too shy to leave a comment. Marriage proposals from fake Srilankan boys will not be entertained.


Neihal said...

I had a serious crush on him as well. The longest lasting one I guess. Now Eric Bana is threating that one :P

Karan said...

Thu, goobey.

You made this your mail ID so much later? And when you move to Houston will you change it? Will you also change your blog address to ??