Sunday, April 29, 2007

So its 1:53 am and i cant sleep. I woke up at a semi decent hour today [Semi decent for a Saturday] so i don't know why i cant sleep. I'm not even upset about anything. Well maybe I'm pissed that Australia won again. But i guessed that would happen. I mean i wanted them to lose but i knew they would win. So that's not it. In the meantime i went to the kitchen to look for a midnight snack. I found waffles and I'm chewing as i type. I don't think they're supposed to be chewy but oh well the syrup's good. I also spotted an unopened packet of Good Day biscuit. Remember those? They're delicious with chai. Proper Desi chai which i don't have time to make everyday. I blame it on these bloody Amreekan electric stoves. I like the ones with the pretty blue flame that you can control super easily. Maybe tomorrow sometime i will make some chai and dip my Good Day biscuit in it but then ill have to spoon out parts of the biscuit that would have melted and sunk to the bottom of my chai that will then taste all weird. So what are your Sunday plans?


Amit Bajaj said...

hey you know i found out the easiest way to hear some good music...even easier than going to my music folder and browsing through blah blah. and right now i'm doing two things - listening to some nice music i don't understand a word of, and sipping some good assam chai..sadly, there aint no good day in the house!

Karan said...

I bank on shit loads of coffee, beer and a great dinner to pull through the coming week.

Indianoguy said...

Hey Pri
If you are bored, you need to check this out

Funny as hell! way better than urbandictionary.
PS: Check out entries for India, Bollywood, Chennai etc

Pri said...

@Amit: Um that's fabulous. Are you gonna tell me where?

@Karen: What about your long drives in the middle of the night with Sid? You two scare me sometimes.

@Indianoguy: Thanks. I will check it out. It's not one of those 'en cycle pidiya' type things is it?

k.b said...

i prefer marie biscuit piggu!! and yes loads of coffee!!!
drink more COFFEE people!!! its de best!
(my dad has to make more money and fund my degree!!)
damnnn how i wish coffee had some alcohol content in it!

Karan said...

@ KB - It's known as Jamaican Coffee