Sunday, April 15, 2007

Irbuzz and Pri talk nonsense at unearthly hour.

I: still awake?

priya: ess

I: y?

priya: apparently I'm nocturnal
how does one go about spelling nocternal?

I: did u just learn this word today?

priya: um no
i also cant spell piece and niece

I: u just spelt it

priya: i did?
i wont remember the next time i need to spell it

I: i detect schizophrenia

priya: um OK
ure just being a bitch now aren't u?

I: do u believe u r married and have 3 kids?

priya: yes
his name is rahul bose
and the kids are akriti
and arshika

I: wasn't it naintara?

priya: we had twin boys but their grandfather killed them

I: naranjan

priya: cause one was gay

I: lol

priya: and the other was attached to his spinal cord
omg yes

I: u mean rahul's dad?

priya: yes

I: lol

priya: yes
mr subrato das bose

I: u jus watched 15 park ave?

priya: very nice man [other than the killer instinct part]
no no
i made up his name

I: lol

priya: ure the one who remembered naintara

I: coz i just watched it last nite

priya: really?
did u cry?
i bawled my eyes out
waheeda rehman did it
and then i was like wtf happened at the end
i wanted to know
i was very upset
i don't like movies that end like that
where u died?

I: nothin
konkana disappears

priya: k

I: she supposedly finds 15th park ave

priya: sure she does.

p.s. I think i have Blogorrhea. I've posted like what half a dozen different posts today? Help!


The Bride said...

Well, he didn't shampoo hair 'with towels' exactly - but rather, I was just sitting in chair while he shampooed hair and somehow managed not to get me wet and soppy (ewww!) by swathing me with towels. They did lead me to a basin to get it rinsed. I was instructed to hold my wet shampooed topknot till we got there.

Predictably, I googled the Adnan Sami thin pic.

Pri said...

Oh ok and here i thought the Chinese had figured out some sort of solution to my hair fall problem. Lets blame it on the strange water in the Amreeka.

Ashwin said...


I still haven't seen 15 Park Avenue

I hate it when I miss a movie!!!