Sunday, March 18, 2007

Phone calls from friends after the first match

Kb: What the fuck just happened Pri? And who is this next team we're playing? Brrr?
Pri: Eh?
Kb: Yeah yeah i just checked the schedule and it says India is playing brrr.
Pri: Oh u mean B E R? Um kb that would stand for Bermuda.
Kb: Eh? Now Bermuda triangle also sends team to WC aa? Hmmm do u think we can beat them?
Pri: Ya kb we're not that bad! [secretly hoping she doesn't have to eat her words in 2 days]

Sid: So my mum and I were discussing our pathetic performance after the match and then my phone rings and i was like who is this calling from some 4 digit number. Nodidre it was this annoying recorded message from Sachin Tendulkar saying Cheer for India or some crap.
Pri: Wat? OMG! The airtel one?
Sid: Yeah
Pri: Talk about timing
Sid: Ya da the last time i got one of those it was Atal Bihari Vajpaaye asking for my vote.

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Bhopal-e said...

Hey Pri,
Great post, LOL! Hope India does well at least in today's match against BRR (-: Then comes Sri Lanka which is going GRRR.

Sad about Woolmer, even Inzy retired from one dayers.
Keep blogging