Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Goodbye Inzi

So the story goes that Imran Khan first saw him when he was a young boy. He thought there was something special about him and picked him to play in the Pakistan side. Inzamam Ul Haq went on to become a brilliant batsman. I've always made fun of Inzi for his size, his expressionless face, his fielding, the stuff he mutters before the start of every presentation ceremony interview. When he announced his retirement I along with everyone else criticised his insensitive timing but today when i saw the man wiping tears from his eyes as he left the ground for the last time i felt so so sad. I watched with shock when Pakistan was eliminated from the WC and Woolmer dropped dead or was made to drop dead. I scoffed at people who said it was due to a heart attack. But it was only today that it hit me. I cant imagine what this man has gone through these last few days. A world cup surrounded with talk of murder and match fixing. Playing today's match must've been incredibly hard for him. Any batsman is emotional on his last outing in the middle but under these circumstances without even a proper farewell... i cant even imagine.
So here's to Inzi one of the greatest batsman of our generation.

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