Sunday, February 04, 2007

My favourite people [in the blog world] and the things they've said.

Since i can't seem to fall asleep tonight i figured I'd catch up on all my favourite blogs and that's when i came up with this brilliant [okay somewhat brilliant] idea. You know how i recently figured out ["and all by myself" she said very proudly] how to link? Anyway i decided I'm going to use that today [a lot] in this post. I'm going to share with all you lucky reader(s) some of my all time favourite blog posts. Ready? Okay. Lets start with this one. I found this link on some random blog and as soon as i read it i knew i had been missing out on something and so i spent the rest of my workday reading all her archives and by the end of it i was a fan. This next one is by the Great Bong. I absolutely love reading his stuff but what i look forward to most are his Dada posts. He's a huge Dada supporter and as we know i love Dada! I discovered this next blogger very recently and when i read this post for the first time i remember giggling non stop while C from work looked at me like i was insane. Okay this next dude is one of my two favourite bloggers (The other being eM). I couldn't pick my favourite blog entry by him so i picked all of these. This one is so sweet. It made me cry. The next 3 also made me cry [cause i was laughing so hard]. So please to enjoy this one, this one and this one. The next two people i hope will write books some day. Both are super talented with completely different writing styles. I have too many favourite posts by them but ill just have you sample this one and this one.

Let me know what you think okay? Oh and Happy February!!! :)


The Visitor said...

I read this post of your favourite bloggers and thought that I should probably give you the link to one of my fav bloggers - Gounder Brownie.
Here are a sample of her other posts - GB speaks - the first post of hers that hooked me.
A serious one - Reading Lolita in Teheran. (Keep it for later reading, after reading through her older archives - if at all you plan to read her archives)
Would you post your feedback here after reading through the samples?

PS: I too love 'discovering' blogs, and then going through the archives. :)
PPS: Happy weekend.

Pri said...

Hi visitor,

GB is hilarious. Loved the cricket post and the 'GB speaks' one. I guess it does help that i speak Tamil. I'll definitelty be reading more of her.

Another blogger i discovered recently but is taking a break supposedly is BM. Do check her out.

And thanks for stopping by. Do visit again :)