Friday, March 06, 2009

so these highheelconfidential girls have me hooked on tons of celebrity websites. i am registered on all kinds of nonsense websites and most work afternoons i spend checking out bollywood celebrities at awards shows, peace rallies, ribbon cutting ceremonies [my most favourite thing ever. i have always dreamt of being invited to cut ribbon at some event] and anywhere else everyone is showing up to. today i spent a good part of the afternoon checking out amrita arora's wedding pictures. tons of ott celebs arriving with their cleavage, clutches and jewellery. apparently no one wears normal looking sarees anymore. they're all see through, glitter infested and worn only with shiny mettallic bikini tops. anyway so in between close ups of malaika's arm bracelet and some lady's clutch that looked like a radio which and i have to say i'm all for interesting bag designs but when you're going to a wedding and you're wearing a saree why you got to be holding a ridiculous radio shaped bag? now if it was in fact a real radio and she was holding it so she could keep track of the cricket score then that would be okay but we'll never know. right so coming to the point, in between all the shininess i spot what looks like an auto rickshaw and i'm like who came to this thing in an auto? turns out it was salman khan. there's a mob of people around him. the auto driver is beaming and then there's sallu. it's fucking hilarious. is he like banned from ever sitting in a car? i realise he runs over people all the time but like dude you could get a chauffer.

in anoop desai news........ he's so back! and looking hot. they made a special spot 13 just for him. awwww.


The Bride said...

Ok long-lost twin moment. I have been spending mucho time at work browsing celeb type websites thanks to high heel confidential. Even more spooky... ok go to blog and read.

narendra shenoy said...

LOL at the radio purse!

I have a theory about how the thought process of a celeb (assuming that celeb has one) works when planning her outfit for one of these do's.

1. I need to stand out in the crowd
2. Maybe I should wear somethng nice
3. Ouch, it makes me look ugly
4. That's because I AM ugly.
5. OK, so let me wear something ridiculous
6. Why?
7. Because everyone will laugh at the dress.
8. Instead of laughing at me.

There it is. Complete thought process of everyone from Jessica Biel to Malaika Arora

Princess Fiona said...

i think gettin rid of his unibrow changed his luck..and mr. and mrs. gujju looked oh so cute sittin there.. :)

sanjana said...

Radio shaped handbag!!! LOL..