Tuesday, June 10, 2008

you know how at the bottom of a web page it'll sometimes say 'previous entries'? well for some reason every time i see one of those i think it says 'previous entrées' and then i get really hungry. does this happen to anyone else?

also why didn't anyone tell me i was insane to think driving from la to denver and denver to houston would be a fantastic idea? i just mapquested it and turns out i can save 9 hours if i just drove from la to houston. i could just fly to denver on the way to la. see! much simpler. thanks for nothing blaudience.

kp - contact baby vyjayanti and puppy manohar asap. they're supposed to set us up since we're the same person and all. [p.s. do you have a ba type person in your family who can make awesome besan ladoo?]

i hung out with three little kids today for almost 20 minutes and i did not have the urge to pick one up and fling it across the room. not even when one threw a tissue at me. not even when one was like "where are your kids?" and i was like "what? do i look old enough to have kids?" and she was like "yeah." not even then. what the hell is wrong with me? when did i suddenly learn to be patient and appreciate little people? [rbr this does not mean i want to have babies. please do not offer me any sperm.]


Sandeep R said...

kids can be real pain in the ass.. ain't they?
you've got a unique blog.. never seen anyone so wonderfully weird!

unpredictable said...

Eh ur really meeting KP a? Really a? Then why going to LA? He's there only no in Houston? Confuse is cameing.

Anonymous said...

i like you. you're ok.

Anonymous said...

seriously, Pri... you are not sticking to the TO DO list!??

Is Maulik Pancholi also known as (also known as) male lead's side kick in 27 dresses? Or is this a diff ABCD? They all look/sound the same to me

rads said...

lol :)
when did i suddenly learn to be patient and appreciate little people?

It just means your maternal instincts are kicking in and you are in other words "growing up" :P

La vida Loca said...

u are insane..so will so insane stuff..so that's that.

??! said...

When I see those words, I think "Pervy entries". Not really. But that would be weird.

Friendly Stranger said...

m a big foodie....I relate everything to food first...The same thought about previous Entries came into my mind a few dayz back....

Don't turn blue if kids call you aunty....It's their way to give respect...:D

Pri said...

sandeep: thanks? oh wait. merci. [don't u love inside jokes?]

unpredictable: the going to la part and the meeting kp part are not related. there are four parts to this post. sorry for the confusion.

anon: awwww! is this you spookey ke pitaji?

anon: haanji beta. same boy was in 24 dresses. he needs to not be on my to do list anymore. he's gay and i'm trying to make an effort to only fall for straight boys. it's hard.

rads: why would you say something so horrible? is this because i told you you reminded me of the bhataktihuyi aathma from my dreams?

la vida loca: aah very good ma. watever u just said.

??! um. okay. how come you don't share your recipes with us anymore. just because you're a boy now doesn't mean we wont still make fun of them. wait the butter and the rice dish now makes so much more sense.

friendly stranger: yeah isn't food great? i just ate and i could eat again in like twenty minutes. okay maybe forty.

look at me replying to everyone!!

Payal said...

Verry impressive with handling the kids...! And, even better at not losing the cool when asked about your own!...

I think I had the maternal instinct at one point.. but now its just "gone baby gone"...

The Dude said...

nice blog, different from most of the run of the mill!

"hung out with three little kids today for almost 20 minutes and i did not have the urge to pick one up and fling it across the room."

HA! yeah, kids can be such a pain in the ass sometimes. There are moments when angels would seem like demons next to them and others where demons would seem angelic by comparison.
Truly all sides of personality no?


narendra shenoy said...

Your soul mate is a chap I was in college with. Once, during the semester break, when we were chilling out at his pad in Bombay, him smoking weed, I messing around in his dad's liquor cabinet, the doorbell rang and we were unceremoniously assigned the job of babysitting neighbours 3 year old daughter, who started bawling the moment her mom left the house.

I was paralysed. I used to have, and still do, the child-minding skills of a headless chicken. But my pal, Mr Cool Dude, quickly produced a photo album and quietened the brat.

"See, here's Ashok uncle. Here's Rani aunty. Here's Ramu chacha".

And when the brat shut up, he asked her "But where's Mummy?" Whereupon the bbrat would start bawling "Mummmyyyyy!" And this guy would start with the album again. As soon as she shut up, he'd come up with his "Where's Mummy?" and the whole thing would start again.

I have yet to meet someone who dislikes children more. Perhaps it is divine justice that he now has two daughters of his own.

Thanatos said...

You know them biological clocks? They tick, yeh that's what they do. And those timebombs with legs? They walk.

PS : What, no word verification?

Sandeep said...

getting a lil' too inside i guess.. :P
tu es le bienvenu!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

it seems like you forgot to title this post. let me please suggest a few

1) Pri and her raging maternal hormones
2) Pri and her craving for besan laddu and food in general. what can that mean???

Pick whichever you like. ok? Ok.

kavita said...

20 mins? *gasp* you are a brave soul! :D

@TGFI : lol, how about "Besan Instinct"? :D

Art said...

Kids are fun as long as they are not your own.

My poor dad.

Pri said...

the dude: thanks and hi.

payal: i know. i'm all grown up!

tgfi: are you copying the ok? ok. one has to ask permission to copy the ok? ok. i asked permission from the person i copied it from. now you do the same. ok? ok.

thanatos: for what joy?

kavita: hehe vary nice.

shenoy saar: he sounds like he used to be fun. now with the two kids i imagine he's quite depressing. nothing a little weed can't cure.

art: ooh other peoples' kids can be annoying too. twenty minutes we've established is the maximum time one can spend with little people. unless they have been force fed a couple of caps of cough syrup.

"Kpri" said...

actually when i see the green fish swimming in yr "blogarium", i feel pretty hungry.

??! said...

You're making fun of my rice-and-butter again! This is why I stopped. And because mine is not a food blog (who knows what it is...but it ain't a food blog).

Sam said...

not yet... but soon you might.. wanting babies i mean!!

Venkatdeep said...

Aha...yentha chindi blog-u!!

I've had the urge to look at previous entries on a lotta blogs! For some time I did think I was a bit insane tho! :P