Sunday, December 09, 2007

So my Dada scores his first double hundred at my Chinnaswamy stadium and i'm not there with the 'Bangalore loves you Dada' posters to cheer him on.

There's days you miss home and there's days you miss home.


chethan said...

i knew this post was coming :)
Well, I was there. It was a fantastic double ton!

Pri said...

chethan: of course it was. sob. don't rub it in.

actually do tell. which ksca member did you have to screw to get tickets? how bad were the toilets? did the mexican wave work? let me guess, seventh attempt? was there some fool next to you giving running commentary in kannada over his cell phone for all three sessions of play?
was it nice and pretty december weather? did you take your own binoculars? or did you have to borrow from kind old man sitting behind you? did you make posters? did you try to get yourself on tv? did you paint your face? is your voice back?

TS said...

2 sentences thats it? Thats it? THATS IT???

C'mon Pri, show us your jalwa.

The Nomad said...

Yay!!In fact after I was seen dancing around my living room (uh also leaping on the furniture) for full 20 mins. and was asked if there was anyone else who would be as crazily happy, I did say - I think there is! :)

Neha said...